The Tax Free State

How is this to be achieved? The billions which are collected in taxes are essential to keep the country going, aren’t they?
Well, actually, no they are not. The bulk of the taxes collected goes either directly into the coffers of the banking cartel to pay interest upon phantom loans, i.e. “loans” of monies which do not exist, or is used to mitigate the suffering which their activities cause.
In the USA, the entire income tax collected does not even pay the sums which the Federal Reserve Bank (a very privately owned bank with similar extra-territorial rights to those enjoyed by a foreign embassy) charges the american people for renting them bank notes.
In the Federal Republic of Germany, merely 11.97% of the entire tax revenue is actually used for the german people. Experts have calculated that only 7.6% of the present tax revenue would be necessary to provide all essential services and this to a standard much higher than in the old system. Taxation is certainly neither the most efficient nor the cheapest way of collecting this.

At present, the Kingdom of Germany finances itself principally from the surpluses from the Health insurance. Banking and other state enterprises will provide more as their activities expand.

The only compulsory taxation allowable in the Kingdom of Germany is upon products directly damaging to the health of the planet and/or its’ denizens. The aim here is not to gain revenue but to simultaneously cover the costs of repairing the damage and to make the products so expensive that no-one will buy them, thus eliminating the problem.
Fast foods, for example, are purchased largely because they are cheap. If the costs of health damage were to be added into the price then a popular brand of cheeseburger would, with health damage tax, cost around $12.50. The closing down of these businesses resulting in people returning to more healthy eating styles will eliminate the health damage costs.

In a tax-free, interest-free state, the only thing that can happen is an immediate economic boom. As this boom reflects exclusively real value with nothing being creamed off into the pockets of the bankers, the economic growth is a naturally stable one and to everyone’s benefit.