Moving your Community into the Kingdom

Now, if you are presently living in Wales or Wiltshire or Connecticut or Auckland this may seem like a strange thing to consider doing.

Don’t let the name throw you. The state has to have a name; this does not mean that the name is a limitation. The initiator is a born and bred German. The initial location is in Germany. The present core team already has five different nationalities and most of us consider ourselves to be citizens of Planet Earth, just as you can read in the constitution.

The concept of separate countries is one which arose out of the warring kings of the Age of Materialism just past and the “need” to possess, to “own” bits of our planet. Over the centuries, as the means of inflicting violent death became more sophisticated and the concept of the hereditary absolute ruler became imbedded in human consciousness, the fiefdoms became larger as their number fell. At present, we have four major power blocks and a larger number of smaller ones all stemming from this concept of land “ownership”. There is, of course, nothing natural about this and Earth herself does not recognise it at all. It is not even, in any way, shape or form, useful to the majority of humanity; it is, in fact, the sole cause of widespread poverty and, after pharmaceutical medicine, the greatest single cause of untimely death and permanent injury. What you have been taught about the country you were born in being “better” than any other and how “privileged” you are to serve it is all gobbledegook. Apart from language and architecture, there is, for a normal human being, nothing to distinguish one First World country from any other. You are just being used to perpetuate the illusory concept of someone else (never you, note!) owning the country you live in.

The basic premise of the Kingdom of Germany is to return the natural balance to the planet and all who live upon her. A necessary part of this is to eliminate the concept of “owning” the planet which then, automatically, eliminates the concept of “country”.

Under EEC “law” (if you live in Europe – specifically the Treaty of Lisbon) and International Human Rights, every community which has the ability to be self-sustaining has the right to decide in which country it wishes to participate or to declare complete independence. Your local laws will state how this can be done; your local mayor may have the power to make such a decision; your council may do so or it is to be done by referendum.

Moving your community from its present allegiance to the Kingdom of Germany makes it immediately a part of a tax-free, interest-free state. A methodology has also be worked out which enables almost any community to be completely debt free within a few months and, thereafter, never have any need to borrow any monies ever again. An inescapable consequence of this is an almost instant economic boom with all that this brings for everyone. Some professions will, of course disappear – tax collectors, accountants, all the petty bureaucracy needed to maintain the “owning elite”. At present, most people are doing the work of two because legislation intended to create a pool of unemployed has made it extremely expensive to employ anyone. Correcting this, combined with the economic boom, will create many more jobs than are dissolved.

Set up a work group to find out exactly how to reassign your community to the Kingdom of Germany and then contact us to find out how we can help.