Aims and Purpose

First and foremost, the Kingdom of Germany is a model to show how a state can operate with none of the exploitation under which we all presently suffer. Further than this, however, it is designed with the capability of acting as an umbrella organisation which co-ordinates the activities of such local councils as choose to become part of the kingdom. To this end, most of the necessary structures and institutions are already in place and running. You can see details of these under the institutions tab.

Throughout the time of the patriarchy, also known as The Age of Materialism, society has been structured like a pyramid with most of the power and most of the wealth being concentrated at the pinnacle. We have now entered a new age in which community is the guiding principle. To nurture this principle, very different ways of doing things are essential.

The main tool of the elite through which they have exploited mankind for many hundreds of years is the ability to charge interest, often on “loans” of monies which have never existed. The only crime specifically forbidden in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Germany is the charging of interest as this is the root cause of almost all other strife.

Apart from a few functions which cannot be properly handled at a local level, all power resides in the local councils. To make a new law, the majority of the councils must choose it. All votes and all council meetings are public. Anyone, including children, can speak at a council meeting. All citizens can vote directly at any council meeting.

Through concentrating wealth in the region in which people have created it, a stable and dynamic economy is created. There is no compulsory taxation in the Kingdom of Germany other than on products and industries which damage human, animal or planetary health. Microwave ovens, for example, may bear a 400% rate of taxation as these are directly and indirectly injurious to the health of everyone. (To find out more about this, you can download a free handbook from Stop Electrosmog.)

By eliminating both interest and compulsory taxation, it becomes reasonable to reduce the normal working week to about 22 ½ hours. Even then, most people will have a disposable income at least twice that which they presently have. In the present system, around 81% of your gross income disappears in interest charges and a plethora of visible and hidden taxation, most of which goes directly into the pockets of the banking cartel.

Reducing the working week and, thereby, enabling most people to find work or to create their own businesses within walking distance of their home combined with the elimination of senseless over-production to “finance” further debt, reduces road traffic by about 40%. Although this means that fewer new vehicles will be needed, the elimination of debt financing means that car manufacturers can concentrate on quality. It may even give rise to a new “cottage industry” in which a skeletal car is bought from, for example, Volkswagen and then individually styled to your design and seats fitted to your body at a local workshop.

It is a foregone conclusion that many new businesses will spring up following the elimination of the present system which seeks to strangle the entrepreneur in order to funnel yet more wealth into the pockets of the cartel owners.

The fledgling Age in which we now live is one in which the deficit financing model of the giant corporations will cause them to disappear and a great plethora of new types of small-scale quality manufacturing, limited only by the imagination of their creator(s) and the ethical standards promulgated in the Kingdom, will replace them. This, combined with the dramatic increase in disposable income, changes the focus from cheap, cheap to quality.