The Kingdom of Germany – a basic introduction

This website is not an official translation of the state website of the Kingdom of Germany. Much of what appears upon that website would be of little interest to peoples outside of the German territory and a good deal of it so specialised as to be incomprehensible to “outsiders”. The purpose of this website is to make clear the aims, purposes and opportunities enabled by the creation of a German state.
For those who speak German, the official website is here:

Following many years of careful preparation, on the 16th September 2012 a declaration of statehood was made and The Kingdom of Germany came into being.

Although, as you can read in the Constitution, it is structured as a republic of councils, the declaration of statehood was made as a kingdom because, at that time, the governing body of the Federal Republic of Germany Inc. was in the process of changing the rules in order to make the emergence of a german state much more difficult, i.e. as near to impossible as they could make it. This precipitated an emergency action and the only state form for which the pre-conditions already existed was a kingdom. As local councils join the new state, even the name of the state may be changed.

It is certainly useful to make clear here that The Federal Republic of Germany is not a state, was never intended to be a state and even the International Court in The Hague has declared this to be the case.

The Federal Republic of Germany was founded by the conquering powers following the Second World War as an administrative authority for the occupied lands. In 2009 during a speech in Frankfurt, Germany, the american President, Barak Obama declared this to be the case, “Germany is an occupied land and will remain so”.

In parts of the basic law it is stated that, should Germany ever be re-united, then the administrative authority called the Federal Republic of Germany would cease to exist and the German people would choose a constitution by referendum. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, the administrative authority dissolved itself but the constitutional referendum has never taken place. To further muddy already murky waters, the Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that, due to voting anomalies and other problems, there has been no legitimate government for the Federal Republic of Germany since 1956. Undeterred by law and fact, the ruling cabal has transformed itself into a private company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and, putatively, owned by american banks! Presently listed in Dunn and Bradstreet you will find Angela Merkel shown not as head of state but as head of business operations.

As the activities of the Federal Republic of Germany have proved to be ever more detrimental to the interests of not only the German peoples but of humanity as a whole, it has become a necessity to replace it with a structure and system designed to do the exact opposite, i.e. to serve and to look after the interests of humanity as a whole. This is the purpose of the Kingdom of Germany.